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Headline Image: Stairway to The centre by Vi Blenkinship



Committee 2023

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Our club, founded in 1972, is based in Mandurah, Western Australia. The Club has many activities with monthly meetings and club outings.


Appraisal evenings are held monthly. Members' photographs, both digital and print, are critiqued by a guest judge. Each image is assessed constructively so we can learn to improve our photography.

Regular workshops where members can develop and practice camera skills and computer-based image development are  held monthly. We enjoy photographic outings to various locations around the Mandurah area and our  beautiful state.


We welcome all those who enjoy photography, both amateur and professional photographers, regardless of their level of expertise and experience. Our members come from all walks of life who all share a love for the art of photography and enjoy the great fellowship our club offers. Non-members are welcome to attend our club meetings, as quests, but are unable to enter our monthly exhibition.

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