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Our club, based in Mandurah, Western Australia, was founded in August 1972 by a small group of camera enthusiasts who would show each other their colour slides and prints from film negatives..  

They would be amazed to see how much the world of photography has changed since the founding of the Club. Back then, photography was mostly done on film and the darkroom was an essential part of the process for developing and printing images.

Today most photographers use digital cameras to capture images. With digital photography, the process has become much faster and more accessible to a wider range of people, with images able to be instantly viewed, edited and distributed by computer and other digital devices. The process of developing film and working in a darkroom has become less common but still holds some interest for certain of our members.


The club remains through it all, though, about the art and science of photography, and the enjoyment of it all.


View the Minutes of the first meeting.

The above photograph showing the old Mandurah bridge and Tuckey's store (circa 1910) is part of the Roy Whitehead Collection held by the Mandurah Museum. Roy was a past president of the Mandurah Photography Club.

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