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Monthly Appraisal Evenings

Appraisal evenings are held the second Wednesday of each month. The judge is a WAPJA judge or photographic identity, who will appraise each photograph in an educational and informative way.

Each month we set a specific topic or theme, which is shown listed here.


In any month, Financial Members may submit no more than FOUR different images in total (Digital &/or Print), in any of the categories.

More than one image (but not more than 2) can be submitted into a single category.  

If 4 images are submitted one of the four must be a print, so there can be no more than 3 digital images, but up to four images could be prints.  

Western Wattlebird.jpg

Western Wattlebird - Bill Howard


Topic and Open images may be awarded as encouragement. Points are given for each award as follows:

Gold - 6 Points

Silver - 4 Points

Bronze - 2 Points

The points accumulate over the year, and the member with the most points will win a prize at the Annual Competition in December.


Digital Topic (Mono or Colour)

Digital Open (Mono or Colour)

Smartphone Digital

Print Topic (Mono or Colour)

Print Open (Mono or Colour)

Smartphone Print


Members can submit large prints on assessment evenings for appraisal. They must be mounted and matted and have a maximum size of 50 x 40 cm.


Come along and see how impressive they are. Learn how you can make them. 


Most images these days are digital, produced on smartphones as well as cameras, so feature in our Assessment Evenings. They need to be JPEG files that fit into a 1920 x 1080 pixel window, the same as a high definition television screen. Each image must have a file size no larger than 2Mb.

Images can be of a different ratio than than 1920 x 1080 but can be no taller than 1080pxls.

All camera and smartphone files will need some development to meet this requirement

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