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Headline Image by  Peter Rattigan

Monthly Club Nights & Topics 


Each month a theme (topic) is set for a photo subject challenge to try and stretch your photographic skills out of your comfort zone. Listed below are the topics for the year.

January 2024

Frame in Frame

Use an element (a frame) in your composition to direct the viewer to the main subject within in your frame, which is centre and the main subject of your image. A digitally created frame is not allowed.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date
December 31                                             January 10

February 2024


Your image should show expressions and portray emotions in humans, by creating a mood, this can be, emotional reactions during events such as weddings/concerts etc. Or people in a home environment showing emotion.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date
February 4                                                 February 14

March 2024

Documentary photography

Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, and objects.  you should aim to capture very real and honest opinions or lifestyle. Your Image must not be altered in post-production except for minor or subtle edits which do not harm the integrity of the image.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date
March 3                                                      March 13


April 2024


Have some fun with Anything to do with water. The Water is the subject so use your Creative Imagination to make an interesting image. You can use Slow or Fast shutter speed. Land/Seascapes, Rain, Ice, Using Water, Underwater, splashes, reflections. Let your imagination run wild!


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date
March 31                                                   April 10

May 2024

Past Use By Date

This would be an image of a subject or object which looks

like it has reached its use by date or no longer fit for use.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

April 28                                                      May 8

June 2024


Harbours are where ships or boats moor, providing places for safe anchorage and to allow for the transfer of goods and passengers. Many harbours can double as ports, which are places where ships load and unload cargo. For this purpose, harbours often have jetties, lighthouses and buoys. This will include big harbours (Fremantle) with all its equipment.

eg Ships, cranes, containers etc 

It would also include smaller harbours (Marinas) which

Mandurah has plenty of.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

June 2                                                        June 12

July 2024

Man Made Landscape

As the name implies, this ground has been altered by man. This can be done by either adding or removing trees, flowers, soil, water features, structures, and any additions or removals that can enhance the look and feel of the place. Mainly done on recreational lands such as homes, offices, and natural parks.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

June 30                                                      July 10

August 2024

Creative Self Portrait

You don't always need to stand directly in front of the camera when you take photos of yourself. Experiment with different angles to keep your pictures interesting. Take photos from very high or very low angles. Shoot through objects. All of these things will add a creative touch to your self-portraits.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

August 4                                                    August 14

September 2024

Noongar Season Djilba

Emerging from winter (Makuru) Djilba is the start of the flowering season in south-west WA. Also when baby animals and birds emerge leading to swooping by magpies and willy wagtails who just want to protect their nests. The first flowers are yellow particularly with the acacias, but as the season warms more colours are seen, ending with the first new shoots on the grass trees.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

September 1                                             September 11

October 2024

Nature - International Competition Rules

Images of our natural environment. Subjects in this category include animals, plants, landscape, seascape, astrophotography. They can include native and feral subjects but not domesticated or farmed ones. Techniques include aerial and macrophotography. Image processing shall be minimal. Stacking of multiple images (exposure bracketing, focus stack and panorama) is acceptable, only if they are all taken without moving the camera. Except for minor cleaning, altering elements in the image including removal of distractions, warping, shrinking or enlarging the subject are not permitted. Acceptable adjustments include dodging, burning, levels, curves, sharpening and noise reduction.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

September 29                                           October 9


November 2024

Mandurah - Be a photographer of your own city

Take time to get out and renew an appreciation of where you live. This can take you anywhere, streets, buildings, people, infrastructure, natural features, flora, fauna, events, ....anything that captures the sense of place that is Mandurah.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

November 3                                              November 13

January 2025

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint brings texture; the character of age and time to a subject. Shiny buildings tell few stories, but decaying buildings have secrets to reveal. They have stories to share, like an elderly person on a park bench, if one has patience to wait, watch, and listen.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

December 29                                            January 8

February 2025

Geometric Shapes

Geometry plays a vital role in photography from framing to creating depth and perspective. By incorporating geometric shapes, lines & patterns you can create visually appealing photos.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

February 2                                                 February 12

March 2025


In photography, a silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background.  More specifically, it is where your subject is seen as a black shape without detail against a brighter background.  This is an artistic outcome that many photographers like to perfect.  This effect can be achieved with any kind of bright light source, but of course the most commonly used is the sun around sunrise or sunset.  The backlighting from the sun shadows everything towards you and produces this effect.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

March 2                                                     March 12

April 2025

Pep Ventosa Style

The artist and photographer Pep Ventosa's work is inspiring, alluring, and exciting to try to emulate. His work is a process of walking all-around a subject taking photos, and then combining them in Photoshop or a similar stacking/layer program to create one final image.


Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

March 30                                                   April 9

May 2025

Diptych Photography

Diptych photography is where two separate images are placed side by side. The two images may be of the same subject or two different subjects. You can use diptych photography to create a variety of effects.

Digital Submission Date                          Print Submission Date

May 4                                                         May 14

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