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Printed Images


Prints shall also comply with the following:


A) Prints may be made by conventional film and chemical development techniques or from a digital image. Prints on materials other than photographic paper (e.g. aluminium or canvas) will not be accepted.

B) Prints shall be matted behind a window mount and set on a back board.


C) The external size of the mount and back board must not exceed 40cm x 50cm.

D) The window mount mat and the back board shall be the same size.

E) The total maximum thickness of the mat, print and back board combined is 5mm.

F) Prints and mounts shall be affixed firmly. Re-use of mounts is accepted for club assessment evenings, but prints that slip in the mount may be excluded from assessment.

G) The mat and back board shall be free from hooks, Velcro, glue or sticky residue, or anything else that could damage other prints.

H) Taping of outer mat edges is not acceptable.

I) The print is to be labelled on the BACK, TOP LEFT, with the Category, Title, and Photographer’s Name.

J) Images may be printed by the author or by a commercial or other printer under the direction of the author. Print mounting and matting may be undertaken by the author or by a commercial or other organisation under the direction of the author. The choice of printing paper, window mount and mat board is the responsibility of the author.


NOTE: Presentation, including choice of paper and matting is likely to be considered by the judge.

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