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Monthly Topics 

Headline Image by Debbie Stevens

Each month a topic is set for a photo subject challenge to try a stretch your photographic skills out of your comfort zone. Listed below are the topics for the year.

January 23 -

February 23 – Chiaroscuro (Pronounced: kiara-scrooron)

March 23 - Doors & Windows

It is an effect of contrast between light and shadow.  It is an Italian word meaning light (chiar) and dark (oscuro) and is used to create a strong and dramatic mood.  It is created best by using just one light source in a dark environment and for your subject to appear to be lit from just that one light with dramatic dark shadows.

A photograph of a door(s) or window(s) which maybe open, partly open or closed. A doorway or window are often thought of as pathways and views to something new or different. Think about the story you are trying to portray in your image. You can have other elements in the image, but the main focus should be on the door(s) or window(s).

April 23 – Still Life

There are two types of still life photography: found and created. Found still life are random collections of things that are already arranged and have not been moved in order to make your image. Created still life is when objects have been arranged to look a certain way.  Decide on your still life and think about lighting, angles and complimentary colours and objects. 

May 23 – Triptychs

Arrange three images within one frame with clear borders between them. Triptych photography might involve taking one picture and splitting it into three different parts or shooting three separate photos that are related, They should compliment each other with similar subjects or a relatable message. 

June 23 - Architecture

The main subject should be a building, group of related buildings, or other man-made structure such as a bridge or tower or a portion there of. Both interior and exterior photographs are allowed. Images may focus on the structure as a whole or a part of it. Look at different compositions, angles and the way light forms shadows of the subject.

July 23 - Rope

Rope could be used to create abstract images by focusing on the textures and patterns of the rope, highlighting its unique qualities as a material. You could also look at the practical application of a rope such as using it for climbing boating or agriculture and to show how it is used to connect objects lifting etc.

You could also use rope to photograph its motion in capturing the movement of a rope in action. Or you could create a still life photograph exploring its shape texture and colour or exploring the concept of rope as a metaphor for connection, security or strength to create a powerful visual image that convey these ideas.

August 23 -  Animal Behaviour

Images of LIVING untamed or domesticated animals (including pets)which show their character and natural behaviour. Images may feature single or multiple animals.

Animal Behaviourrchitecture

September 23 - Astro Photography

Astro photography is photographing the night sky, including stars -planets -moon, ideally while incorporating something of interest in the foreground. 

October 23 - Natures Textures

Natures Textures may include plants, animals and any non man made objects.   Nature has a wealth of textures which can be  observed on natural objects such as those on animals, wood, plants, materials and skin. In a general sense, the word texture refers to surface characteristics and appearance of an object in nature given by the size, shape, density and  arrangement.

November 23 -  Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, and objects.  you should aim to capture very real and honest opinions or lifestyle. Your Image must not be altered in post-production except for minor or subtle edits which do not harm the integrity of the image.

December 23 - No Topic  

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