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Monthly Topics

Each month a topic is set for a photo subject challenge to try a stretch your photographic skills out of your comfort zone. Listed below are the topics for the year.

 October 22 – 50th ANNIVERSAY - GOLDEN

To continue on with our 50th Anniversary celebrations, this month’s topic is based on the theme of ‘GOLDEN’.  This can be any image of your choice but must be predominantly golden in hue/colouring.  Think sunrise, sunset, fields in autumn or perhaps a still life. If you wish to enter into the Mono section, you can still do so by converting your image to black and white and adding a single tone of gold – you may need to think about which image will work best with your chosen tones.

 November 22 - Mini Beasts (insects)

Photographing mini beats/insects means predominantly getting close up but not necessarily macro!  You can use lenses from 50mm anywhere up to 600mm in focal length. Your camera may be hand-held or used with a tripod, but be as quiet as you can to prevent scaring the insect away. ... Use a shallow depth of field to create a completely blurred out background and make the bug stand out more.

 December 22 -  Social Documentary

Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events and is often used in reporting. Unlike photojournalism, which concentrates on breaking news events, social documentary focuses entirely on an interesting moment of normal everyday life. Just go out and observe.

January 23 - Motion

Whether you decide to use a slow shutter speed and tripod or a panning technique or continuous shooting and join them together in post-processing, you image must convey the visual story that tells us that the subject(s) must have been moving when the photo was taken.

February 23 – Chiaroscuro

(Pronounced: kiara-scrooro)

It is an effect of contrast between light and shadow.  It is an Italian word meaning light (chiar) and dark (oscuro) and is used to create a strong and dramatic mood.  It is created best by using just one light source in a dark environment and for your subject to appear to be lit from just that one light with dramatic dark shadows.

March 23 - Doors & Windows

A photograph of a door(s) or window(s) which maybe open, partly open or closed. A doorway or window are often thought of as pathways and views to something new or different. Think about the story you are trying to portray in your image. You can have other elements in the image, but the main focus should be on the door(s) or window(s).

April 23 – Still Life Composition (following workshop by Leon Holmes)

There are two types of still life photography: found and created. Found still life are random collections of things that are already arranged and have not been moved in order to make your image. Created still life is when objects have been arranged to look a certain way. Following on from Leon Holmes workshop, decide on your still life and think about lighting, angles and complimentary colours and objects.

May 23 – Knolling

“Knolling photography” involves photographing objects grouped together and arranged neatly, either parallel or at right angles to one another. The look of the resulting image can be quite clean and clinical - as opposed to a jumble of items, everything is neatly laid out. For example, it can be used for images such as the ingredients for a meal, clothes that form an outfit, a small book collection, or just a collection of related items you think would work well for a knolling photo. Before you start laying your items out, think about the background you will lay them out on. You want something that is quite plain and does not distract from the items. Importantly, it also needs to be large enough for you to fit all the items on in a neat arrangement.

Organizing the Calendar
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